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Local & Nationwide Mail/Parcel Delivery.

This service takes care of pick-up and delivery of mails and parcels for metro, regionet, direct and nationwide.


International Mail/Parcel Delivery.

This service is tailored to pick up and deliver mails/parcels to all parts of the world.

Sea & Air Freight. (Freight Forwarding).

We handle import/export of shipment by air, sea and land borders ensuring all international standard and regulations are met. With a freight forwarding license from the Nigerian customs services, we deliver efficiently and timely with guaranteed security.



We have a warehouse facilities to meet short time storage.

Bulk Mail Delivery Service.

This service takes care of the handling, sorting and timely delivery of large volume of mails which range from 2000 and above.


Mailroom Management.

This service is designed to make your mail operation easy and efficient by streamlining the process to include packaging, consolidation, processing, tracking, pick ups and deliveries. Our mailroom management will enable you concentrate on your core business, as well as add real..

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